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The Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice is established under Article 156 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The Office of the Attorney General Act 2012 sets out the mandate and functions of the Attorney General. The Attorney General is the principal legal advisor to the Government and is also responsible for representing the national Government in court or any other legal proceedings to which the national Government is a party (other than criminal proceedings) and for performing any other functions conferred to the Office by an Act of Parliament or by the President. The Attorney General is also the promoter of the rule of law and defender of the public interest.

The Attorney General also has the responsibility for the promotion of human rights and implementation of the Constitution, access to justice including through promotion of legal aid, good governance, anti-corruption strategies, ethics and integrity, legal education and law reform, among others. The Attorney General also provides policy, co-ordination and oversight with regard to various legal sector institutions and therefore has a broader cross-cutting mandate to support the strengthening of legal sector institutions.

To be the best institution in the region in provision of public legal services and promotion of a just, democratic and corruption-free nation.

To facilitate the realization of good governance and respect for the rule of law through the provision of public legal services, protection and promotion of human rights and upholding of ethics and integrity.

Core Values

List of Attorney Generals of Kenya

  1. Charles Mugane Njonjo (1963 – 1979).
  2. James B. Karugu (1980-1981).
  3. Joseph Kamere (1981-1983).
  4. Matthew Guy Muli (1983-1991).
  5. Amos Wako (1991 – 2011).
  6. Githu Muigai (2011 – 2/4/2018).
  7. P. Kihara Kariuki (2/4/2018- Present).

List of Solicitor General’s of Kenya

  1. Justice Benna Lutta.
  2. Kitili Mwendwa.
  3. S.T Aswani.
  4. Justice Benjamin Patrick Kubo.
  5. Justice Aaron Ringera.
  6. Wanjuki Muchemi.
  7. Njee Muturi.
  8. Kennedy Ogeto (22/3/2018- Present)

Pursuant to Article 156 if the Constitution and the Office of the Attorney General Act No. 49 of 2012, the Attorney-General is the Principal legal Adviser to the Government of Kenya and is mandated to;

a) Advise Government Ministries,Department,Constitutional Commissions and State Corporations on legislative and other legal matters;

b) Advice the Government on all matters relating to the Constitution,international law,human rights,consumer protection and legal aid;

c) Negotiate,draft,vet and interpret local and international documents,agreements and treaties for and on behalf of the Government and its agencies;

d) Co-ordinate reporting of obligations to intenatioal human rightd treaty bodies to which kenya is a member or any matter which member or any matter which member states are required to report;

e) Draft legislative proposals for the Government and advise the Government and its agencies on legislative and other legal matters.

f) Promote,protect and uphold the rule of law and defend the public interest,

g) Represent the National Government in all civil and Constitutionalmatters before local,foreign courts and tribunals;and

h) Perform any function as may be necessary for the effective discharge of the duties and the excercise of the powers of the Attorney-General.


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